Custom Web Development

Code Strong utilizes a system of full life cycle development, for worry-free quality assurance (QA). When it comes to gathering project requirements, we hold your hand throughout the process to ensure efficient and timely accomplishment of your finished site.

We're so confident in our ability to complete the scheduled task, that if you find a problem with any of our code, we'll fix it free. (Certain restrictions may apply - read more.) That's our CODE STRONG promise!

Code Strong uses PHP, ASP and Java. We are also well-versed in HTML and JavaScript applications. Among the style of sites we can create includes:

Among the many ideals we believe in are:

Quality Assurance

When you pay for a software product or website design, you want it to work right. We understand your need for top notch service. You want a polished product that works flawlessly for the needs of your business. Just like your vehicle, you want a website that starts and runs right on a day-to-day basis.

In order to give you a superior service, Code Strong is serious about checking our work, tweaking when need be, and weeding out small quirks. One thing that sets our Quality Assurance apart is that we always separate our development and bug testing among team members. The person who codes and the person who tests are always two different people. This allows for a more comprehensive approach to the code, with an unbiased preview by each team member who is responsible for the finished site. As a result, any problems will be detected early and rectified before you ever get to see it for yourself.

That's our promise and commitment to your overall satisfaction. Code Strong looks forward to building your dreams and visions together.

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